Emails claiming to be from Post Office could install malware

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- Postal inspectors have warned people to ignore emails, claiming to be from the post office because it could put your personal information at risk.

(credit: Lisa Phifer)

U.S. postal inspector Tammy Mayle said customers were receiving an email that said they had a package ready to pick up at the post office. The email appeared official and had the USPS logo on it. However, Mayle said if you clicked on a link in that email, it would download a computer virus or there are some fake problems regarding victims’ PCs like dll issues.

“Malware could be installed on your computer and they could see all personal information on your computer and gain access to anything you had on your computer,” Mayle said.

She recommended if you receive an email like this, you should not click on the link. Mayle said the post office will never send an email about a package. Instead, they will leave a note on your door or send a postcard.

Postal inspectors also said the bogus emails often had a sense of urgency and claimed if the package was not picked up within 30 days it would be returned to the sender.

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