How Apple increases the market share of Apple Watch in 2016?

Apple did not reveal the specific sales of Apple Watch in 2015, however, it could not stop the analysts predicting its sales.

Apple Watch was released in last April and started mass producing in the third quarter. However, the consumers feedback seem ordinary so far.

It has been welcome by the Apple fans since its release. The wearable devices still seem to be a new-style product. Its consumer groups are limited. Fitbit is still in a leadership position in such field.

Consumer Technology Association did a survey from 1,001 internet users onccerned how many people plan to buy the health or fitness device in 2016.74% of interviewees have willingness to buy the health or fitness device which is a good news to Apple and Fitbit.

According to the estimation of eMarketer, US wearable market will increase by 60%, from 39.5 million units in 2015 to 64 million units in 2016.

Fitbit specializes in producing fitness devices. More and more people pay close attention to health and fitness. According to the data from CTA, Fitbit is still the leader in wearable device field.

35% of interviewees wish to buy a well-equipped Smart Watch, while 27% of interviewees wish to buy health or fitness device that trend to Fitbit products. Among the rest of the interviewees, 30% of them plan to buy an application, 27% of them aim to buy the smart suite and 23% of them wish to buy the sleeping tracker.

Apple is not the only publisher that produces Smart Watch. It upgraded the Apple Watch OS recently. It is said that it will launch Apple Watch 2 in the early of 2016.

Apple Watch decreased the reliability to iPhone after the upgrade. Apple works hard to improving the independence of Apple Watch. It has great potential to beat Fitbit in the near future.

According to the statistics of IDC, FitBit obtained 22.2% of the market share for the first place, while Apple took up 18.6%, ranking in second.

The sales of Fitbit doubled in the last third quarter, up to 4.7 million from 2.3 million units. Apple sold 3.6 million units of Apple Watch in the last 2nd quarter, and 3.9 million units in the third quarter.

It seems a bit hard for Apple to beat Fitbit and become the top leader in such field so far. Its upgrade for Apple Watch will help Apple to obtain more market share.