New York Bill to force Apple and other manufacturers to decrypt smartphones

New York state assembly issued a bill, which was first spotted by On The Wire via The Next Web, would require Apple and other manufacturers of smartphones and also the mobile operating system providers to decrypt the devices.

Notes on the Bill says,”The safety of the citizenry calls for a legislative solution, and a solution is easily at hand. Enacting this bill would penalize?those who would sell smart- phones that are beyond the reach of law enforcement.”

Apple provides encryption function to protect user’s privacy. However, New York assembly claims that such encryption becomes a protect for criminals according to the notes.
“The fact is that, although the new software may enhance privacy for some users, it severely hampers law enforcement’s ability to aid victims. All of the evidence contained in smartphones and similar devices will be lost to law enforcement, so long as the criminals take the precaution of protecting their devices with pass-codes. Of course they will do so. Simply stated, passcode-protected devices render lawful court orders meaningless and encourage criminals to act with impunity.”

The Bill require smartphones sold or released in New York after January 1. 2016 would have to be capable of being decrypted or unlock by manufacturers or operating system providers. Any manufacturers or OS providers who do not comply the bill would be fined $2,500 per device.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has expressed his views on the necessity of the encryption on smartphones, arguing that the decryption means allowing a backdoors for”bad guys”. Tim Cook slam White House officials on their encryption policy, asking them to embrace a”no backdoors” approach.

On the issue of smartphones encryption. Tim Cook had made it clear that he would defend the company’s decision to provide iPhone users with text messaging and Face Time encryption. Since New York state has issue a Bill to force smartphones manufacturers to decrypt the devices and unlock manufacturers, what measure will Apple take next seems to receive much concerns.

People have various comments on this issue, some people think the politicians are out of mind, and some are wondering whether Tim Cook will stand up to his pledge for user’s privacy and stop selling iPhones in New York.

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