Tips about Norton Internet Security removal for Mac

Norton Internet Security for Mac is a security applications that aims at protecting the computer from virus issues, but have you ever encountered an issue of removing this Norton app on your Mac?

Some people are confused about how to uninstall Norton Internet Security on Mac, because this program seems like to be installed deep inside the computer, and cannot be cleaned thoroughly on the computer.

Biggest problem of removing Norton Internet Security

When talk about removing Norton Internet Security, the biggest and most common problem must be the incomplete removal of the program. According to many people’s experiences, this program usually cannot be uninstalled completely on the PC, after performing the program removal, associated messages and files still appear on the computer. So, in order to effectively uninstall Norton Internet Security, you should pay more attention to this problem and get the following tips to support the removal on your Mac.

3 tips you should know when uninstall Norton Internet Security

1. Stop the app totally before removal

Antivirus program usually keep a real-time operation on the computer, which often refuse the user to remove it when it is in the running situation. So, in this case, you should remember that Norton Internet Security should be stopped totally when you decide to remove it on your computer.

2. Remove its bundles after removal

Antivirus program usually bring some other slight apps or process on the computer, please do a check for the bundles of Norton Internet Security on your Mac, and also remove them completely.

3. Clean its vestiges on the Mac thoroughly

Manual removal (trash it on the Mac) usually leave a leftover issue on the computer, to uninstall Norton Internet Security completely, you should check its vestiges on the PC and clean all of them (usually in the Library folder) out of your Mac.

And finally, good luck and hope it can help you to remove Norton Internet Security well from your Mac.