The Microsoft Xbox One in Japan is Unexpectedly Clod: Only 63 Units Last Week

Yes, things are quite terrible for the Xbox One in Japan, that’s not secret anymore, everybody knows that. Last week, there were only 63 consoles of Xbox One were sold nationwide. This low number places it at the bottom of the console charts below the Nintendo WiiU which sold 449 units. But did you know the truth which is more worse, that is, Xbox One S that one major retailer is selling the console as an Ultra HD Blu-ray player.

The video game console market in Europe and US, three of most popular consoles are PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, but things are totally different in Japan, Xbox One is having a hard time but what most people don’t realize is just how much it’s been struggling. We all know that Xbox One had a hard time in the past though, For example, nobody comes in the first episode, or nobody comes to the game and they stop before they come.

Some users have noticed that the Bic Camera in Yurakucho, one of the biggest electronics stores in Tokyo, is selling the Xbox One S as first and foremost an Ultra HD Blu-ray player with the price of 29,970 JPY. The photos below were snapped by YouTuber Gaijin Hunter.

The top of the notice reads “Super Cheap!!” and “Recommended!!” The bottom part of the notice reads, “If it’s Xbox One S, you can also play video games.” It’s like the playing video games part is an added feature, not the feature, and it is also sold by tying Minecraft.

As Ultra HD Blu-ray player selling, can it work smoothly? Some of the consumers who bought the Xbox One S console are actually for Ultra HD Blu-ray according to Kotaku, and they also complained that the PS4 Pro did not carry the Ultra HD Blu-ray player, that made them spend a lot of money. Well. In some reason, the merchant made the right choice.

But is this tying sales working? Well, it may disappointing Microsoft again as it always do, the most recent weekly Xbox One sales for Japan clocked in at 63 units sold, while Nintendo Switch sells 50,074 units, so this is no wonder why Bic-Camera to adopt to this measure like selling with Minecraft.

Perhaps this is one of the cheapest Ultra HD Blu-ray players you can buy in Japan, so maybe this is helping sales, however small effect they help.