Apple Announces 2022 Podcast of the Year Awards

Apple Announces 2022 Podcast of the Year Awards
On November 29, Apple announced its annual podcast awards for 2022. The winner of this year’s award is the historical narrative show Slow Burn, which is part of the Slate podcast network and is currently in its seventh season.

Apple to Launch New Today at Apple Course
On November 29, Apple announced that it will host a free programming course, Programming Labs for Kids: Programming Your First App, at Apple Stores worldwide during Computer Science Education Week beginning December 5, with the goal of inspiring participants ages 10 and up to explore app development in a comfortable and fun environment. During the course, Apple Creative Pro trainers will guide participants through interactions using iPads and Swift Playgrounds.

Steam Deck Hong Kong and Taiwan confirmed shipping time
On November 30, the Steam game platform announced the shipping time for Steam Deck in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea via social media sites, and from December 17, Steam will start shipping to these regions through its distributor Komodo.

Epson to Stop Selling Office Laser Printers
Epson announced this month that the company will stop selling and distributing laser printer hardware starting in 2026 for environmental reasons. Epson previously stated in a blog post that its inkjet printers use 85 percent less energy than comparable laser printers. Currently, Epson has discontinued sales of laser printers in many markets.

China Academy of Information and Communications Technology officially launches the Global Net Test App
The China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) announced the official launch of the Global Net Test app on November 30. The app features broadband speed measurement, Internet experience and network diagnosis, and supports 5G/gigabit access speed measurement, broadband rate evaluation feedback, user perception assessment, one-stop automatic test, international access experience test, common network diagnosis and other functions. At present, the Android version of the app is already available in the app stores of Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, Lenovo and other platforms, and the iOS version will be launched soon.