UninstallService Windows Uninstaller 2023 Released

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Adobe Photoshop 2023

Adobe Photoshop 2023 is a new version number created by Adobe, which brings a more robust role for customers and enhances the actual operation feeling, and can meet all the requirements of customers for all forms of photos. It can be used for all kinds of photos and is very comprehensive. Support points a variety of graphic layout Photoshop support point of the drawing of the graphic layout including PSD, EPS, DCS, TIF, JEPG, BMP, PCX, FLM, PDF, PICT, GIF, PNG, IFF, FPX, RAW and SCT and so on a variety of applications Photoshop can be a certain type of layout of the drawing to save another layout to arrive at the particular must. Support points a variety of color forms Photoshop support point of color form including bitmap file form, gray level form, RBG form, CMYK form, Lab form, database index color form, dual color form and multi-way form, and can achieve a variety of forms of this conversion, in addition, the application of Photoshop can also arbitrarily adjust the limits of the picture, screen resolution and cloth size, both You can adjust the limit of the picture without endangering the screen resolution, and you can adjust the screen resolution without endangering the picture limit. Robust functions for selecting the picture size Application of square, oval mask and cheat things, you can pick one or several different limits, look like the selection scale with magnetic larger than the things can be based on the selection edge of the clarity of the gap, so that the selection scale close to the picture to be selected, the application of the trick stick things or color scale command can be based on the color to fully automatic selection to have some, collaborative application of a variety of keyboard shortcuts, you can select the scale of Summation, make a difference and full selection and other effects. A variety of changes to the picture Such as move, imitate, paste to, crop, clear, etc., if in the change when the fault, but also can carry out endless logout and recovery, Photoshop can also carry out arbitrary rotation and deformation of the picture, for example, according to the fixed position of rotation or rotation. Adjust the color of the picture and the color of the association Make color, contrast, chroma, saturation adjustment is becoming more and more simple and easy, Photoshop can be alone to a selected scale of adjustment, but also to a selected color adjustment, the application of color balance reverse order can be modified in colorful pictures and color mixing, the application of color balance and curve chart command can be separated from the picture of the revision, dark and the core of the coordination of the tone has some adjustment This is also the effectiveness of the traditional style of small skills can not be achieved. Provide the art painting function The application of spray paint gun stuff, stroke stuff, signature pen stuff, parallel line stuff, you can produce a variety of graphics, through the independent setting of the stroke look, size and working pressure, you can create a different stroke effect, the application of genetic mutation stuff can cause a variety of genetic mutation effect, aggravation and reduction stuff can be selected to modify the brightness of the picture of the storm. The application of Photoshop customers can shape the coating The customer can imitate, move, delete, rotate, merge and compose the coating at will, place the coating, and use the actual operation of manufacturing skills such as darkness, etc. The adjustment layer can manipulate the clarity and contrast of the coating without endangering the picture. The text layer can change the text in the picture anytime and anywhere, the customer can also carry out changes to the different color safety channel separation, the application of the mask can accurately pick the scale, carry out storage and load the actual operation. Photoshop provides a total of almost 100 kinds of PS filters Each ps filter is different, customers can apply this ps filter for a variety of special effects, such as the application of wind ps filter can be added to the picture cool, the application of embossed pattern ps filter stay to produce relief pattern effect.


WinRAR is a powerful compression file manager. It provides full support for RAR and ZIP files and can decompress files in 7Z, ACE, ARJ, BZ2, CAB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LZH, TAR, UUE, Z. WinRAR’s features include powerful compression, splitting, encryption, self-extraction module, easy backup. With the estimated compression function, you can get the approximate compression rate with ZIP and RAR compression tools before compressing the file in each of the three compression methods; with the history and favorites function. Compression rate is quite high while the resource consumption is relatively low, fixed compression, multimedia compression and multi-volume self-releasing compression are not available in most compression tools. It is very easy and convenient to use, with few configuration options and only in Explorer to do the work you want to do. For ZIP and RAR self-releasing archive files (both DOS and WINDOWS formats are available), you can easily know the compression properties of this file by clicking on the properties, and if there are comments, you can also view their contents in the properties.

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