Total Uninstaller Review: Best Windows Uninstaller

Total Uninstaller is our editors’ choice for Windows uninstaller for years. It is one of the essential utilities you should have. We’ll test and use Total Uninstaller to uninstall apps in real-world Windows devices to see whether is working as promised.


App #1: Use Total Uninstaller to uninstall PhotoLine

PhotoLine has become so popular in recent times that it has become as powerful and efficient as some of the larger professional-level image processing software. It is a graphics editor that is as powerful and efficient as some of the largest professional image processing software, and it can also quickly browse all the images in a directory like ACDSee. With support for layers and many ready-made filters and effects built in, it is easy to make amazing images! One great feature is the ability to read PhotoShop files in a very small size.

PhotoLine is a full-featured image editor that supports text, vector and image layers. In addition to the standard editing features, it supports color management with 16 bits per channel, CMYK and Lab, and ICC profiles. Its image viewer supports IPTC and EXIF data display and editing, batch conversion, HTML gallery output, batch renaming, and more. PhotoLine is a versatile, all-in-one image and graphics editor. You can edit images or optimize them for the web, but you can also prepare print-ready PDF data. PhotoLine offers sophisticated tools for creative professionals. CMYK and Lab color spaces, color management with ICC profiles, adjustment layers, recording actions, and 16/32-bit color depth per channel. Vector graphics can be edited as well as PDF files.

Testing conclusion: Total Uninstaller locates and effectively deletes 562 registry entries and 46 files of PhotoLine. And it completely uninstall the app and remove all the found files and registry entries without any hassle.

App #2: Use Total Uninstaller to uninstall Simple Screen Recorder

Whether you want to save a scene from your favorite movie, record the gameplay of a captivating video game, or film a software tutorial for your family and friends, there are plenty of programs to choose from. However, for those who find the complex interface of OBS and the price tag of Bandicam daunting, Simple Screen Recorder’s minimalist layout and support for multiple output files may be the best choice for quickly capturing video and audio.

In terms of layout, the application has a window that directly displays all available functions, allowing users to not have to dig through multiple submenus for options. For those who like to create tutorials, the program allows recording both system sound and microphone audio, making it perfect for voiceovers. Users with laptop setups may want to use an external microphone for higher audio quality when recording video game walkthroughs. Therefore, the application includes a drop-down list for selecting the correct input device, thus eliminating the need to set the default recording device through the Windows Sound menu. Due to its portability, the program allows the user to start recording immediately without the need to use the wizard beforehand. However, what makes the software particularly interesting is the way it captures your desktop. The recordings are stored in a dedicated folder in the application’s main directory, divided into three separate files: a microphone input for voiceovers, a system sound recording for possible game screens, and a video capture of the desktop itself.

This separation is useful for those who want to have three different timelines in their editing suite of choice, giving them greater freedom in adjusting the volume layering of each sound input for video recording. In addition, all these separate files can be merged into MKV video format within the application itself for those who want to avoid using separate editing programs. In terms of improvements, the application can use multi-monitor support to accommodate more complex productivity-oriented setups. In addition, the option to select the directory where recordings are saved is also welcome for a higher degree of customization. Windows users who want an alternative to the complexity of OBS, the price tag of Bandicam and the resource-consuming recording features of the Xbox game bar have the option to try Simple Screen Recorder, a lightweight tool that separates the video, microphone and system audio inputs to facilitate the editing process.

Testing conclusion: Total Uninstaller locates and effectively deletes 182 registry entries and 56 files of PhotoLine. And it completely uninstall the app and remove all the found files and registry entries without any hassle.

Testing app #3: Use Total Uninstaller to uninstall Digimizer

Digimizer is a professional image measurement and analysis software that allows manual measurement of image content and automatic target detection based on the characteristics of the measured object! Images can be X-ray pictures, micrographs, etc., and support a variety of image formats such as JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, WMF and EMF! Images can also be rotated, inverted, stretched, and adjusted for brightness and contrast. Digimizer, thanks to its fast method, the computer can be used for precise expressions, measurements and specialized designs. And it can be used with a wide range of applications, it is equipped with a powerful set of measurement tools and can automatically collect and store data.

The application tries to prove its point right from the start, and you notice this because of the impressive variety of supported image formats. While it is not possible to drag the item of interest on the main window, formats such as JPG, TIF, BMP, GIF and DICOM can be imported using the dedicated file explorer. Once you’ve loaded an image, everything is easy, with an intuitive design that gets you up and running quickly. Most of the space is your interactive preview section with a measurement panel for collecting measurement data and a toolbar at the top that contains everything you need. Before taking measurements, you can use a number of image processing utilities to crop, rotate, resize, and even adjust some color-related settings. When using the drawing tools, you can also enable raster to improve accuracy. As mentioned above, you can use the application level to import dedicated images that need to be measured. There are two tables at your disposal that automatically fill in the values of each object and line you draw. The corresponding information is also generated, including fields from labels to color specifications, sizes, coordinates, units, etc.

Testing conclusion: Total Uninstaller locates and effectively deletes 261 registry entries and 640 files of  Digimizer. And it completely uninstall the app and remove all the found files and registry entries without any hassle.

In conclusion, Total Uninstaller is the most essential tool that our editors are using on a daily basis to manage our testing devices. And it has been proven to be effectively remove the unwanted Windows apps in just a few clicks without any hassle.