Insta360 Launches Camera X4 & Other News

Insta360 Launches 8K Panoramic Sports Camera X4

On April 16th, Insta360, a well-known smart image brand, launched a new generation of flagship panoramic camera X4, which is the first 8K panoramic camera for mass consumers, capable of shooting up to 8K 30-frame or 5.7K 60-frame ultra-high-definition panoramic videos, 72-megapixel photos, and is equipped with AI noise reduction function to support one-touch straight out of the picture for a more pure image, and the resolution of the panoramic time lapse has also been upgraded to 11K. In addition to this, Insta360 has introduced a removable lens protector for the X4 to improve lens durability, a 135-minute battery life, and a 2.5-inch wear-resistant touchscreen.

In terms of complementary applications, Insta360 has also launched “Quick Cut” and “AI Framing” functions in its mobile app Insta360. x4, starting with $499.99, is now available on multiple platforms, including Insta360’s official mall.

Adobe to Add AI Features to Premiere Pro

Adobe announced on April 16 that it is adding a series of generative AI-powered features to its professional video editing software, Premiere Pro, such as adding extra frames to video clips, adding or removing objects and unnecessary elements from video, changing virtual costumes for characters, and adding decorations to video scenes; and through the “text-to-video” feature, users can generate new video clips from text descriptions or reference images directly within Premiere Pro, which can be used to create B-roll, storyboards, and more. With Text-to-Video, users can also generate new video clips directly in Premiere Pro from text descriptions or reference images, which can be used for a variety of purposes such as b-roll, storyboarding, etc. Adobe plans to launch these tools later in 2024.

YouTube to Crack Down on Third-party Apps that Include Ad-blocking Features

YouTube announced on April 16 that it is stepping up its efforts to detect third-party apps that violate its Terms of Service, specifically apps that include ad-blocking announcements. Users viewing videos with such alternative clients will be prompted with “This application does not provide the following content”. YouTube’s terms of service do not allow third-party apps to turn off ads, as this prevents creators from earning broadcast revenue. For users who do not want to see ads, it is officially recommended to subscribe to the YouTube Premium service.

Baidu Releases AI Native Operating System DuerOS X

At the Create 2024 Baidu AI Developer Conference held on April 16, Xiaodu Technology announced the launch of the world’s first AI native operating system, DuerOS X. Based on Baidu’s big model of the heart of the text, the system has made important breakthroughs in multimodal perception and anthropomorphic rendering, and Baidu said that through DuerOS X, Xiaodu can provide users with a more natural and intelligent way of interaction, and the human-computer interaction experience will “realize a qualitative leap”. Baidu said that through DuerOS X Xiaodu can provide users with a more natural and intelligent way of interaction, and the human-machine interaction experience will “realize a qualitative leap”. DuerOS is a conversational AI operating system launched by Baidu in 2017, and is currently used in products such as the Xiaodu smart speaker, which has been iterated to version 7.0.

Other News

Android Authority has learned from Google insiders that the Pixel 9 series released this fall will include four models, including the straight model Pixel 9, Pixel 9 Pro, Pixel 9 Pro XL, and the folding screen model Pixel 9 Pro Fold. The Pixel 9 Pro Fold is a rebranding of the previous Pixel Fold 2. Google has previously made the Pixel Fold its second-tier product line, released in the fall like the A-series, and this inclusion in the flagship lineup may further complete the integration of the Pixel flagship lineup.