Take a look at lifestyles on Mars?

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Published on Wednesday, 22 October 2014 06:50
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Many people are dying to visit Mars. However, at an altitude of 8200 feet on Hawaii's Mauna Loa volcano, there is a small dome base, which is used to test the psychological and technical personnel of Mars exploration experts. In 2013, NASA funded the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog Setting Project (HI-SEAS), the experimenter stayed there for four months. In October, another eight-month pilot project in turn restart. 


Eight months being "detained" there is indeed a long time, the base designer Vincent Paul Ponthieux said, the psychological impact is the most important. In fact, the key to keep each tester stay awake is to provide enough personal space. 

Power Systems 

Solar panels provide electricity to the base, and to charge the battery. If the energy level less than 5%, the base will start the hydrogen fuel cell. 


Studios and air brake tanks 

Staff can use the 3D printer to create hairpin, replacement parts, or any other necessary things on Earth. In fact, this area is also the gateway to the surface of Mars, they repeatedly simulated the depressurization and pressurization with the airlock. 


Composting toilets 

Re-use of faeces (pathogen-free) as fertilizer or for other purposes. 



Six pancake-like special cabins, each cabin equipped with a bed, a table and a stool, clothes should be placed under the bed, the bed can be folded to stand up just looks like a closet. 


Fitness area 

Each person will take turns to exercise, basically almost the same with those people in fitness video program, other fitness activities including keepie-up and light volleyball. 



If you send e-mail to NASA, there will be some delay, but the site is accessed from the cache, consisting of non-dynamic web pages. 


High ceilings 

The dome base reached to 36 feet in diameter, about 1000 square feet of living area. Habitat uses the split-level design, for those long-term residents with the passage of time they will feel less and less space, so the high ceiling design is necessary.