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ShareIt: Good Transfer Tool for Windows/Mac


Today I’ll introduce an interesting software—ShareIt, which is a transfer tool that can transfer data from different devices you have. And it is said the world’s preferred app for cross platform sharing, so that it is sharing software. In addition, people usually use WI-Fi or Bluetooth or USB to transfer their data, while in ShareIt, it is no need for a WI-Fi network or mobile data plan, more importantly, and it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. For now, there are over 1 billion users had chosen that app for their transaction.

ShareIt Could Do More Things when and whatever you like:

1. Connect with friends

  • SHAREit can share photos, music, video, apps, PDF, and other file types with no size restrictions.

2. Connect with your computer

  • Connect to your PC and view files on your mobile. 
  • Directly control your PPT with your mobile. 
  • Back up valuable data in a second, save every treasured moment.

3. Replicate your phone in one tapEasily transfer and back up contacts, messages, apps, all types of files from your old phone to new one.

More Versions to Choose for Your Devices

Besides, as a transfer tool, there are a variety of version you can choose according to your devices at hand. Android, WinPhone and iOS for you mobile; while Windows and Mac for your computer. All you have to do is to choose one that matches your device, then you can transfer your data very easily and quickly like it said.

We are going the introduce ShareIt on PC – For Windows and Mac detailed here:

Steps to Download and Run ShareIt For Windows

  • Click the download button available at the website to start the downloading of the application on your Windows PC
  • Once you complete downloading of the application on your PC you need to run the .exe file to start the installation process
  • While installing the application you will be asked to agree to the licensing agreement
  • Click “Accept” button to grant permission and complete the installation successfully to run Shareit on PC.

Steps to Download and Run ShareIt for Mac PC

  • Download Shareit for Mac PC from here, and then go to the search bar and type “Shareit for Mac” and hit enter
  • Now click on the icon of Shareit to start downloading and installing the app
  • Open the Shareit App after the installation is over successfully
  • You can now run the Shareit on PC and start sharing and receiving files between PCs at lightening fast speed. 

Due to the date transaction software of ShareIt, once it is needless for you, you must uninstall it very completely from your PC, don’t let anything left behind on your device, so it is needed that uses tool to help, because it’s hard or difficult when using manual approach to clean. Want a leaning tool to get rid of ShareIt for Windows or ShareIt for Mac, here I had learn a lot to get rid of unwanted software that really solve my problems, if you have good idea please SHARE IT with Me.

Zuckerberg Said in a Manifesto of Facebook to Save the World

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg may not be running for presidential campaign, but he was inspired after talking to a President to put some of ideas into his declaration.

At that time he was writing a more than 5700-word article, overviewed of how social networking companies to help save the world, when he turned to some President for help.

"Progress now requires humanity coming together not just as cities or nations, but also as a global community," Zuckerberg wrote.

What is funny in the writing is that when he talked to people, it is the time when opinions vary as the relationship between Zuckerberg and politics. Some people think he may be in preparation for the eventual presidential campaign, perhaps in 2020, he will be the most powerful competitor of Donald Trump.

As a matter of fact, there is more and more voice of approval, for Zuckerberg has become one of best public speakers in the world, and he even begin to talk about serious social problems including United Nations programs, discusses with the various countries leaders, state opposition to Trump in public, he and his wife promise to used his property to fund development of medical, educational and technology of the world.

Certainly, for Mark Zuckerberg to run for presidency, you could think of this is  going down in real reality, because he has absolute voting control over Facebook, and manages a community of more than 2 billion, thus, this is far bigger number than any country on earth.

Facebook does not have any response for this manifesto yet.

In fact, this is not the first time Zuckerberg made a political statement in the position at the head of a global company with more than 2 billion users.

Just in last year's software developers conference in San Francisco, he positioned Facebook as a unifying force for good against the current political winds of divisiveness and isolationism, detailing a plan to bring people together through an ambitious strategy of unfurling technology that jumps borders and crosses cultures.

Apple Released New Standalone Apple Support App

Recently, Apple rolled out its new standalone Apple Support app in the U.S. App Store, which allow the users to get a tech support, schedule appointments, and check app information from the iOS app.

Previously, when you have a question about your iPhone, you will have to to go to the Apple store and choose the Apple Store app to get support and schedule appointments, but now, with the release of this new app, people will be able to get a better service and support. With such an Apple Support technician, people also can handle the chat, email, or schedule a call more easily then before, all of Apple's support options will be found on the particular support app, and you can get the help you want quickly after having it installed on your iPhone.

Remove Stubborn App GPG Suite on macOS - You Should Try This!

GPG Suite is quit complicated application on macOS, meanwhile, it is difficult to completely remove it. Simply delete its icon doesn’t enough to help you truly get rid of GPG Suite on macOS, let’s look at how to delete its leftover.

During the using of macOS App, most of files can be generated in different folders:

1. logs files

  • /Library/logs
  • ~/Library/logs

2.  Application Support

  • /Library/Application Support
  • ~/Library/Application Support

3.  Preferences files

  • /Library/Preferences
  • ~/Library/Preferences

4.  Daemons/Agent

  • /Library/LaunchAgents
  • Library/Application Support

5.  PreferencePanes

  • /Library/PreferencePanes
  • ~/Library/PreferencePanes

6.  StartupItems files

  • /Library/StartupItems
  • ~/Library/StartupItems

7. Exetensions files

  • /Library/Extensions
  • /System/Library/Extensions

If you understand the above folders, you’ll know how to completely remove GPG Suite by locating and deleting the associated files/folders.

Look at these huge folders that you must search for the leftovers of GPG Suite, are you still confident to remove it without any danger of your Mac? I’m doubt of that.

However, there is surly an extremely simple method to help you clean GPG Suite from your computer: Remove GPG Suite through MacRemover.

Steps to uninstall GPG Suite by MacRemover

  1. Install the uninstaller and run it on your Mac, select GPG Suite in the list of installed applications, then click the “Run Analysis” button.
  2. MacRemover will analyze the installation information of GPG Suite.
  3. After the analysis, click “Complete Uninstall” to thoroughly remove GPG Suite.

 Can you see the significant difference between Manual Removal & Auto Removal?

If you want to get more details about the app removal with MacRemover? You can click here to know more about the it .

Uninstall SketchUp Tips - Proper Removal Instructions

Yesterday, a friend complained to me that SketchUp is really difficult to be removed on her Mac, so today, I tried to installed this app on my Mac and have a try to remove it. The removing result is successful but I also find that it's very easy for the people to encounter some problems during the removal, so I would like to share my experiences about how to avoid the problems my friend encountered, and uninstall SketchUp smoothly.

About the app:

SketchUp is a 3D design app can be installed on Mac OS X, it can be used for free, and also has an additional Pro version which provides more functions and features for 3D modeling.

When uninstall SketchUp, you should:

1.Stop SketchUp from running before uninstall it

Firstly, you should check the Dock to make sure whether the app is running on your computer, you can stop it via right-click on the SketchUp's icon, and select Quit.
After that, go to the Activity Monitor, and make sure there is no associated processes of the app running at the background.

2.Uninstall the installed package completely

3.Remove all of its components on the Mac

Generally speaking, these two removing steps should be completed at a time, but the fact is the removing capability of Mac usually left some files of the application on the computer, like the app support file and preferences, and people also need to clear those leftovers additionally. So, I would like the most common user to invite a professional uninstall tool to uninstall SketchUp and other applications on the Mac, because it will not leave a vestige issue on the computer, and also able to help the user to complete the program removal automatically.