Tips to improve your WordPress Blog SEO

Nowadays WordPress has been widely used for traditional personal blogs or exclusive business website, either way I believe you want to optimize your blog for better SEO result, which means more traffic to your blogs. WordPress has various customization options, this seems to be a good thing, however, it is also easy for starters to make mistake that affect the SEO strategy in a negative way. Here are a couple of tips to share with you for optimizing WordPress Blog to gain better SEO result.

Select a SEO friendly theme

There are hundreds of WordPress themes available at the Dashboard > Appearance section and even more on the internet, but not all of them are friendly to your SEO strategy, the proper theme here we talking about should be at least has H1 tags for blog posts’ titles, and also, the theme should not contain too much Flash as it will greatly affect the web loading speed. Thesis and Genesis are two theme I recommend which is widely used among SEO bloggers.

Install a proper SEO plugin

Good plugin like ‘Yoast’ and ‘All in One SEO’ provide a control panel for SEO optimization, for example it will allow users to display tags and categories in homepage and include meta data in any kind of pages of your website. And don’t forget to create a reasonable breadcrumbs navigation and a good site map for your blog.

Use WordPress Categories optimization

We all know that categories and tags is usually used to organize blog post, properly used categories and tags will give you better SEO result as the categories allows you to integrate keywords into your blog posts’ URL structure, and also, tags will give an attribute index for the Search engine, but remember not to over use it.

Use Keywords in Titles

Blog title is a very important SEO factor, remember the title of your blog post should be covered by H1 tag, and make sure the title include the keyword that you are trying to rank or optimize, and then WordPress will integrate the title in the post’s URL.

Keep your post original and well-written.

Even you’ve well manged the above skill, without good – written blog post content, there will be no good SEO result coming out, so you should bare in mind that original compelling, and well-written blog post is the key to achieve a good SEO result, also, check twice your post to prevent spelling and grammar mistake before you public it. Beside a good blog content, you should publish post frequently on your blog to keep it fresh, this not only attract new visitors but also shows search engine that your blog is active, which will lead to a faster index speed and other positive result.