More Tips to Fix Slow Computer And Make it Fly

After your PC has been on for a while does it start to slow down? The warning signs are there every time. The computer starts to pause and then takes longer to do anything until eventually you have to turn it off or restart it. When you restart the PC the same problem occurs again, until eventually you decide to upgrade it or buy a new one. Well guess what, you can fix this PC performance problem in minutes without buying a new PC or upgrading it.

Here is how to cure this problem without upgrading your PC and fix it fast.

#1 Make sure your antivirus software is not just installed but enabled. Spyware and other malicious programs can switch it off. Run a full system check with this. Malicious software can not only install silently but can steal your passwords and other information.

#2 Uninstall any programs you are not using or are out-of-date. Every program that is installed uses memory until there is nothing left and you start seeing out of memory messages, virtual memory errors and other strange problems and the computer slows right down.

# 3 Do a free registry scan. This will find any corrupt registry entries and keys that will slow windows right down make it slow to start and will eventually stop windows starting up at all.

It will also find entries for programs that are no longer on your PC which windows will keep searching for, slowing it down further. Fixing these errors will speed your computer right up again.