When A Fire Happened, A drunkard Ran into The House to Rescue The Beer

There was a house on fire in Georgia, the United States, and the cause of the fire is still under investigation, but some residents think it might have something to do with the water heater newly installed. It was when the two adults and kids were watching TV in the house, a smoke suddenly drifting in it, everyone fled to come out and fortunately, they were all safe. Just then, somehow or other, one of them took a stick and ran back to the house.

Walter Serpit said, “I told them to get the kids out of here, because kids are the priority. And I’m an alcoholic, so I had to go back and rescue my beer. Then I ran into the burning house just like an idiot, and I closed the door right away because the heat from behind was killing me”. The good news is that Mr.Serpit finally escaped from the fire, and successfully rescued a couple of beer as he wishes.

Afterwards, witness called the police immediately, and The Red Cross arrived soon. Meanwhile the firefighters put out the fire at once, and do the recovery in a timely manner.