Skipping over developers, iOS 8 Beta 6 which is focusing on fixes Bug was quietly released

The “invisible” iOS 8 Beta 6 has actually already been released, fixing iCloud document sync, iTunes Store and other large bugs, however, because Apple suddenly found a bug that YouTube cannot be run properly on Safari, while GM version date is approaching, so the release object became Apple’s co-operators.

Yesterday Mac OS X Yosemite Chapter 6th developer preview version was launched in time,yet the latest test version of iOS 8 has not been seen. However, according to reports of BGR, iOS 8 Beta 6 has already been released, but the object is not the developer but Apple’s co-operators.

It is reported that Apple’s original plan was to release iOS 8 B6for the developer, but it found a Bug suddenly, so temporarily delayed release. And this time from iOS 8 GM version is very close, GM (Golden Master) version is just the final test version facing to the developers, which means that the design and development work of Apple’s iOS is almost completed, iOS 8 official version is just around the corner.

From the ChangeLog provided by BGR, in addition to OTA software’s update route does not support the carrier and the user build, iOS 8 Beta 6 is focused on the fixes of a large number of systems Bug, including Baseband and Telephony, Continuity, Game Center can not delete photo, iCloud document sync, iTunes Store, the message push, email, information and maps, and many other problems.