Microsoft is ready for mass production of large-screen touch display Perceptive Pixel

Stephen Elop, executive vice president of Microsoft’s equipment department recently announced that Microsoft is ready for mass production of Perceptive Pixel. This is a large touch-screen display, theoretically supports for unlimited touch points. It is reported that Microsoft intended to use large touch-screen display, combined with the Office in order to make the meeting more efficient.

The first thing to point out is that Microsoft acquired the large screen touch display manufacturer Perceptive Pixel in 2012. The specific amount of the acquisition was still unclear. The original sale price Perceptive Pixel touch display gave is around $ 80,000, but Microsoft executives said they are exploring how to make the display become cheaper (the current price of 55-inch Perceptive Pixel display is around $ 7,500).

According to the introduction on the home page of Perceptive Pixel, the large touch-screen display uses capacitive touch technology, which in theory, supporting unlimited multi-touch points. Matte screen surface to be treated, sufficient hardness, will not have water ripples appear after press.

While all along, Microsoft executives did not release much about Perceptive Pixel’s external announcement, but rumors of this large touch-screen display will soon appear in Microsoft’s product line.

When Microsoft bought Perceptive Pixel, Microsoft wanted to put it into Microsoft’s Office department, because the combination of Office departments and Perceptive Pixel can improve the meeting efficiency through technologies, which a priority to Microsoft, especially to OneNote, and teh team integrated by Skype / Lync and Power BI.

In Microsoft’s big reorganization July 2013, Perceptive Pixel team has been zoned under the equipment department, and now under Stephen Elop’s leadership. However, one thing should be noted that, Stephen Elop did not disclose the pricing, publishing and other details message in this week’s remarks, but from the act of Stephen Elop, we may soon be able to learn teh Scheme about how Microsoft will use this big touch screen.