Microsoft will completely change the way to release Windows

Predecessor of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer introduced faster product release cycles during the last period of his serving time, no longer like the past, release a major product upgrade every few years, but the function will be pushed once the development is completed upgrade. Clearly, the current CEO Nadella also endorsed this strategy and taking big move forward this way, to promote faster upgrade of Windows.

Recently, Microsoft’s official website appeared a new software engineer job posting, which reveals a signal that the speed of the next version of Windows to update product iteration will be faster. Microsoft said in the announcement, they are planning to “completely change the way to release Windows.”

“Microsoft’s Mission Control Center team is looking for a strong developer to help advance the client software delivery, we are creating a new system, completely change the way Windows is released, making Windows-centric ecosystem by providing qualitative and quantitative information, we hope that each engineer can instantly view how him / her affects Windows eco-system, and allow them to take the necessary decisions in real time. ”

“The development speed of software world is getting faster, online services upgrade every week, why not the client of software follows? How to make all the Windows user’s machine acquire the revised system start menu in less than a week? And how to release and push a video driver for all the people who met problems in less than two days?……”

Remember the Windows 9 built-in one-click upgrade button we introduced? In the current Windows 9 internal test version, you can click the button to complete the upgrade, just as simple and convenient as installing a patch. From a few words in the above job posting, we can guess, one-key-upgrade function would be formally implemented in Windows 9 soon after.