The pre-orders of iPhone SE sound successful

Apple newly 4-inch iPhone SE will be on sale in the first round countries and regions. Its data showed that iPhone SE attracted a great deal of users though its performance did not break the record.

Slice intelligent reported the data that the sales volume of pre-order on Monday was only 6% of iPhone 6s that being released in 2015. Its sales volume accounted for 3% of iPhone 6’s.Most iPhone SE pre-orders makers did not purchase larger screen iPhone in the past two years. In other words, they are attracted by its size.

The report also indicated that 35% of iPhone SE buyers used other previous iPhone in the past two years. It seemed that iPhone SE has better competitiveness to rival Android phones or attract other platform users.

Among 16% of iPhone SE buyers are from Android phones. This rate was 10% when Apple released iPhone 6S last year. The sales trend and analysis of iPhone SE have not completely collected yet. It is possibly that more potential smartphone buyers will choose iPhone SE with reasonable price.

Comparing with traditional iPhone buyers, the iPhone SE buyers are relatively older. Over 20% of iPhone SE buyers are between 45-54 years old, while traditional iPhone buyers are 18%. To those who are between 34-44 years old, they have less interest to buy iPhone SE. The male buyers accounted for 77% for online iPhone SE sales, while the traditional iPhone buyers accounted for 69%.

The Slice Intelligence data is based on the collections of 4 million online buyers. It has been analyzed and concluded by its analysts.

Apple did not announce the first week’s sales for iPhone SE yet.Some institute estimated its sales in Chinese market reached 3.4 million units.

iPhone SE and 9.7 iPad Pro started on pre-orders last week. U.S., China, U.K. and Hong Kong are included the countries and regions that iPhone SE being released for the first time. They will be introduced to more countries in April.