Uninstall SketchUp Tips – Proper Removal Instructions

Yesterday, a friend complained to me that SketchUp is really difficult to be removed on her Mac, so today, I tried to installed this app on my Mac and have a try to remove it. The removing result is successful but I also find that it’s very easy for the people to encounter some problems during the removal, so I would like to share my experiences about how to avoid the problems my friend encountered, and uninstall SketchUp smoothly.

About the app:

SketchUp is a 3D design app can be installed on Mac OS X, it can be used for free, and also has an additional Pro version which provides more functions and features for 3D modeling.

When uninstall SketchUp, you should:

1.Stop SketchUp from running before uninstall it

Firstly, you should check the Dock to make sure whether the app is running on your computer, you can stop it via right-click on the SketchUp’s icon, and select Quit.
After that, go to the Activity Monitor, and make sure there is no associated processes of the app running at the background.

2.Uninstall the installed package completely

3.Remove all of its components on the Mac

Generally speaking, these two removing steps should be completed at a time, but the fact is the removing capability of Mac usually left some files of the application on the computer, like the app support file and preferences, and people also need to clear those leftovers additionally. So, I would like the most common user to invite a professional uninstall tool to uninstall SketchUp and other applications on the Mac, because it will not leave a vestige issue on the computer, and also able to help the user to complete the program removal automatically.