Apple Leaks Images of Upcoming 2018 ‘iPhone XS’ Models: Larger Size, Gold Finish

Apple has accidentally leaked images of the new 2018 iPhones, which will be announced during its upcoming September 12 keynote, and those images were shared by 9to5Mac, giving us our first official look at Apple’s upcoming iPhones.


Now, we know that another 6.1-inch iPhone name for the “Cheap Edition” LCD screen Named after the exposure: iPhone XC.

The day before yesterday, VenyaGeskin1 revealed a new iPhone XS Gold version of the rendering on Twitter, this is a new color with planetary planet wallpaper a unique new flavors.

Now, VenyaGeskin1 leaks again another rendering of the back of the iPhone XS, with a golden border, the back shell is a color scheme that is close to white, pink, and gold. Anyway, we believe that this new color design will be offered on the new iPhone

“The images that have been discovered confirm the existence of the two OLED models, which will be available in gold for the first time. Last year’s OLED model, the iPhone X, was limited to silver and space gray.”

Apart from different sizes, Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus are basically the same in appearance configuration, all equipped with OLED screen, stainless steel body, equipped with a new A12 processor, with 4GB memory and 64/25/512 GB storage, equipped with rear dual cameras, and support wireless quick charging.

As for the 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD screen, it comes with a rear-mounted camera, and a message that the iPhone has a wider bezel and chin than the iPhone XS.