Vilmatech Support Helps You Remove System Care Antivirus Rogue Program

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Published on Saturday, 08 February 2014 09:56
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System Care Antivirus is fake antivirus software belonged to Winwebsec family. This rogue antivirus created by cyber criminals pretends to be security program that give a full scan when it is run in your computer. In order to ask you to register and purchase its full license, this fake antispyware warns that your computer has been detected Trojans, worms and spyware. This fake scan result scare users that computer will be under no protection with limited function of System Care Antivirus. However, this misleading alert is fabricated because this fake antivirus has no capability to detect and remove any threat. With no features of a regular antivirus, System Care Antivirus is able to stop exe files in spite by claiming the process is infected. It targets at Windows operating system and installs a folder on startup folder by creating its malicious process to prevent from detecting as malware. When this has been done, your computer is on the way to crash down because the rogue tries to modify running program disturb you to access to Task Manager and Registry Editor. Default virus defender and third-party security programs cannot work normally. Even if you have activated its full protection version, this problem can’t be solved but worse till it is totally dead.

Victim computer infected this rogue may attribute to other virus or browsing compromised websites. Due to it can prevents itself from removing by other antivirus, it gives no default uninstall processes of its own so you are unable to remove it from Start menu. Here is some removal tips for you to deal with the trouble.

Step 1: Reboot computer and enter BIOS screen. Choose Safe Mode with Networking and press Enter.

Step 2: You need to quite from the running program. Right click on System Care Antivirus icon and choose Quite option. Open Task Manager to disable the startup items related to System Care Antivirus and end its process.

Step 3: Go to Uninstall a Program/Add or Remove Program on Control Panel. Select System Care Antivirus and other suspicious programs. Click Uninstall or Remove button then click Yes to agree removal process.

Step 4: Go to local disk and search for the malware files. You can use Run Commend Box to search %CommonAppData%, delete related files with named after random characters.

Step 5: Press Win+R on keyboard and type “regedit” to open Registry Editor. Open HKEY_CURRENT_UERS, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_USER to find related keys of System Care Antivirus and delete them.

Step 6: After finishing these steps, empty recycling bin and restart computer to check if it works.

System Care Antivirus malicious rogue is designed for fooling users to buy its advanced protection which is identified no protection ability for computer. All the scan result, warning pops-up and update prompts intends for malicious purpose. Users should never pay for its fake functions. If there is the only security software in computer, it is better to install a reliable one as it has been removed off.