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Strong incoming: Microsoft probably will add the virtual desktop feature into Threshold

Rumors about Windows 9 constantly appears. According to reports, Microsoft will add the the virtual desktop feature into Threshold, which is similar to the virtual desktop of Mac OS X and Ubuntu, users can activate this feature using the icon on the taskbar, and through shortcuts switching different desktop.


Before that, there are news has reported that the preview version of Microsoft's new operating system Windows 9 coded for the Threshold will be released later this year, and the official version will be officially launched in the spring of 2015.

The industry has been a lot of rumors about Threshold operating system. According to reports, Threshold's UI interface is not the same with other Windows versions. According to the latest foreign  reports of a technology website Neowin, Microsoft will add the virtual desktop feature into Threshold, which is similar to the virtual desktop functionality of Mac OS X and Ubuntu, but is much closer to the Ubuntu.

It is reported that, the user can switch back and forth through the shortcut between the different "desktop". When you open an application, you can open other applications on another desktop client. For example, a user opens Outlook on a desktop, and open a Web browser on another desktop. Both applications can be run simultaneously on the desktops, the user can switch the two desktops back on demand. This function is very suitable for small screen or only one display device, as well as very useful for improving users’ productivity. This function will also become another important reason for Microsoft to convince Windows 7 and XP users to upgrade to the Threshold. If Microsoft introduced these features in Threshold, it inevitably will attracts a lot of attention to high-productivity users.

Currently, Threshold is on the early stage of development, Microsoft will add more new features in this version, but it’s not sure that Microsoft will not add virtual desktop functionality in this version, the final version can only be confirmed after officially launch. 

In addition, Microsoft will also further integrate its desktop and Modern environment in Threshold, for example, run the Windows Store applications in the desktop environment in the form of window.