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Taking pictures with Microsoft Selfie—the newly launched Microsoft App

Microsoft is always connected with words like computer software, consumer electronics, personal services, office software as a multinational technology company. Each time when Microsoft come into my sight, it always reminds me of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and some applications usually used in my daily life. But if you thought that Microsoft Corporation mainly develop applications like Microsoft Office Suite, you were wrong. In fact the company specialize in various application building. Addition to office software, Microsoft launched an App called Microsoft Selfie, which enables users to take selfies carrying the similar function like YouCam, Facetune.

It is a resistant trend that nowadays people all around the world like to take all kinds of pictures, especially selfies when they are doing something, and then post the brilliant pictures they got to Facebook or Instagram. Microsoft Selfie is devoted to helping people to take ideal selfies used for they special profile images, and sharing with friends with a perfect edict and natural enhance.

Open up the App page of Microsoft Selfie, you will see the description as below:
"The app takes age, gender, skin tone, lighting, and many other variables into account, applies different models automatically and finishes enhancement with just a single click." For anyone who likes taking selfies, Microsoft Selfie can be a new choice.

The new application us compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch, and is free and available in App Store this Wednesday.

With a friendly interface and simple operation, the App is also packed with artificial intelligence, people can edit their selfies according to their age, gender and even complexion, and the natural enhance will produce satisfactory selfies.

It is easy to find alternatives of a certain software, you may abandon and uninstall Microsoft Office, or Microsoft Excel, yet you might also reject the Application with similar function in use, and turn to get a Microsoft Selfie. It is hard to say will Microsoft Selfie defeat its counterparts and find its place in the fierce competition.