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This is how Mac users to avoid being attack by fake software update

According to Graham Cluley reports for Intego, mac users once again were attacked by the fake Adobe Flash update, and that their Mac computers were get infected. Users who were infected may find their Mac computers facing various PUPs (potential unwanted problems) on the OS X systems.

This is not the first time that the fake Adobe Flash update attacks Mac users. Cluley says, “The in-the-wild attack has been spread in the form of a Mac Package installer .pkg file, also known a flat package, and has been signed with a legitimate Developer ID certificate — effectively tricking OS X’s built-in Gatekeeper security to believe that the files can be trusted and are not malicious.”

Since computer users pay more attention to the online virus, malware writers now are trying to induce Mac users to install the malware by disguising it as a legitimate software update. Then how can computer users distinguish the legitimate and fake software updates? Here are something you can judge from.

1. Most free software service won’t send an email to remind users to update
As we have mentioned that most free software service don’t send a notification. Thus if you received an email saying that the certification of some software on your Mac is expired, and provide a update link for you to download the latest version, you can tell whether it is the legitimate update in this way.
Place your mouse on the link text and see if the link text matches the actual download location, if not, then you just don’t click to update.

2. Do not install the update via browser pops up
Notices of software updates usually come from the copy of the current software or appear in the system tray, so, if you are asked to install any software or any update in browser pops up, don’t install it. Once you found any pop up while browsing online, you can just shut down the browser.

To make sure whether there is any update of the application you are using, you can just go to some official site to download the updates. For those whose computers have been infected, you may need to remove the application completely on your Mac and then turn to the skilled personnel for help if in need.