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How to customize Windows 10?

This post contains tips and information you can use on how to manage important settings on a Windows 10 powered computer:

  • Modify the Time & Date
  • Make changes to new Start menu
  • Use command Prompt like a pro
  • Manage the installed apps and/or other programs effectively

Please be kindly educated that, the latest Windows 10 only allows registered users to make the customization to the system. Please make sure that you have activated your Windows 10 copy successfully.

Change the Time & Date On Your Windows 10 PC

This section will be helpful when your system time switched automatically due to some reason. Below are easy and risk-free steps to correct or update your system time:

    • Make yourself the admin user now
    • Hit the clock icon on the taskbar
    • choose the option "Date & Time settings" at the bottom of the calendar that appears later.

    • Disable the following options, "Set time automatically" and "set time zone automatically" if they have been set to be on. After getting that done, set your own preferred or local time zone from the Time zone's dropdown menu.

    • You then can easily get the job done by reading the onscreen wizard. Remember to save the changes you made by hitting the Change button.

For more info like the GMT offset for each time zone, please pay a visit to the TN TimeZone page given above.

How to Use Full Screen of Start Menu

To do so, it's quite simple: head to Settings > choose Personalization > enter Start section > select "Use Start full screen".

Additionally, you can remove some unused items from Start menu - this would boost the time you need to load the menu completely. To do so, you right click on a target item, then choose the option "Unpin from Start" on the right-click menu. In terms of potentially unused apps/ programs, scroll for right fixes.

New to Command Prompt Transparent?

Here's how to customize the command line, making it more colorful:

    • Type cmd in the search tool, press Enter.
    • Run the research as admin.
    • Once Command Prompt is open, right-click the top border and select Properties at the bottom.

    • You then disable the option "Use legacy console (requires relaunch)" first.

    • Re-run command line as Admin. Go to the Colors tab and then you can make additional changes to the Opacity settings to get the desired transparency effect you like.

Learn more? This link contains almost everything you want to know about cmd. We'd like to call it CMD 101.

How to manage your apps & programs list effectively?

The following portion was born from a wish to protect your system from internet bloatware, boost your system performance and safeguard your online privacy.

  • Read the target app or program's TOS, the public Permission information before taking action to install a 3rd-party item to your system. Because, frequently, an app has been set to read even share your personal data like contact list, computer info and much more other personal information, by default. For more in-depth research, you read this SymbalooEDU removal guide.
  • View the attached vid above so you can take control of the pre-installed apps, services and more. And the following posts provide you with extra truly proactive tips on how to keep PUPs at bay, from legit yet bloated installers to aggressive drive-by virus.