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The two-week exclusive righ of Coloring Book on Apple Music affects on Billboard ranking

The third music album Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper was announced last week to debut on Apple Music for two weeks. Chance the Rapper cooperated with Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Jereminh for this album. 

Apple Music has two-week exclusive playing right means that users are unable to purchase this album via iTunes. It surprised that this album is ranked to the third place among Billboard Hot 200 list. Coloring Book became the first album that released on music streaming platform that ranks in top 10. 

The songs of Coloring Book are also listed in Billboard Hot 100, and " No Problem " and "Blessings" respectively ranking in 86th and 93rd. It is reported that there are also another 6 songs listed on Bubbling Under Chart. 

The success of Coloring Book is a similar case to Apple. A few weeks ago, Apple and Drake make a win-win cooperation as well. Drake's new album Views got 600,000 sales volume when it was debuted the first day on iTunes. There were 19 songs among 20 listed in Billboard Hot 100. At present, Views is introduced to Spotify and other music platforms and it still makes great success as there are still 17 songs listed in Billboard Hot 100. 

The subscribers of Apple Music increased to 11 million in Feb and 13 million by last month. The introduction of Coloring Book and Views would help Apple Music win more subscribers. 

Apple music offers three free months to users to experience its service. Content is the key to attract users to turn to Apple Music's subscribers. Apple Music seeks cooperation with figures to obtain the exclusive playing rights. Its service is different from Pandora and Spotify. 

Apple Music was released last June in United States. Some users made feedback that when they registered Apple Music and found the match music, their original music files were deleted. Apple is possibly to release the update version for Apple Music at WWDC next month.